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Taliban detains a former police officer and a teacher in Panjshir province

Taliban agents detained a former police officer and a teacher from the Anaba district of northeastern Panjshir province on Friday, local sources said.

One source identified the teacher as Saddam Hussain and the former police officer as Sana ur-Rahman to KabulNow on Saturday. The source said that the Taliban had transferred them to Department 40 of the group’s intelligence in Kabul.

Hussain taught at Sadat Abdarah School for over ten years, and Rahman served as a police officer in the northwestern Badghis province ten years ago. However, he returned to Abdarah to take care of his family after his brother, a former army officer, was killed in a battle with the Taliban fighters in Helmand province.

Hussain and Sana ur-Rahman, according to the source, are not known to have any ties with anti-Taliban groups.

The reasons behind the men’s detention remain unclear.

Last week, the Taliban intelligence agents detained a commander of the previous government’s commando unit in the Darah district of Panjshir.

Taliban officials in the province have not commented.

Panjshir has been the center of a conflict between armed anti-Taliban groups, including the National Resistance Front (NRF). Human rights organizations have accused the Taliban of committing war crimes in Panjshir by detaining, torturing, or killing civilians and former security forces.