Photo: Sent to KabulNow

Taliban detains former army commander in Panjshir

Taliban intelligence agents have detained a former commander of the previous government’s commando unit in Darah district of northeastern Panjshir province two days ago, according to local sources.

The commander, identified as Shirin Agha, had been living a normal life after the Taliban takeover of the country and had no connection with any anti-Taliban groups. The motive behind his arrest remains unclear.

In less than a month, the Taliban has arrested at least seven former soldiers from Panjshir province.

Panjshir has been the center of a conflict between armed anti-Taliban groups, including the National Resistance Front (NRF), and the Taliban for nearly two years. During this time, the Taliban have detained, tortured, and killed tens of former soldiers and civilians, accusing them of collaborating with the armed front or possessing weapons.

Human rights organizations have repeatedly expressed concern over serious human rights violations against civilians by the Taliban in Panjshir province, which could constitute war crimes.

In a recent report, Amnesty International accused the Taliban of committing war crimes in Panjshir province. The secretary general of the organization, Agnès Callamard, stated that the list of war crimes and other violations of international humanitarian law committed by the Taliban in Panjshir province is “extensive.”