Submission Guidelines

We are committed to the diversity of thought and the virtue of pluralist discourses. If you are interested in, work on, or live in the regions we cover (including international policy and diaspora issues pertaining to South-Central Asia and the Middle East), we would love to feature your work.

We publish materials in a variety of formats. Below is a brief guideline and introduction to our work. We encourage you to submit your pitches in the format you think they fit in.


Features are short reports about news and events that are written by KabulNow journalists. They are produced in relatively short periods, are around 800 words long, and are based on credible sourcing and evidence. We also accept unsolicited feature stories from time to time. So, don’t be discouraged.

Special Reports

Special Reports are KabulNow’s long-form reports (3000 – 4000 words.) They usually take a longer time to produce and cover essential topics that merit a deeper dive than features. They are produced by KabulNow journalists or outside experts after a prior commissioning agreement.


Op-eds are analytical pieces by authoritative individuals on a subject that help our readers have a more nuanced and contextualized understanding of events. They are often news-related, focusing on a recent event or a particular date that marks an occasion. Our op-eds are 700 – 800 words in length and unsolicited.


Essays are a longer form of opinion writing that does not necessarily cater to news cycles. They are around 1500 words in length. Essays are written by subject matter experts and often explore socio-cultural and historical topics that are not widely covered in the media. Our essays attempt to present a novel read of the subjects they cover.


Letters are short observational pieces that we publish to allow our readers to engage with our material. 350 – 500 words in length, letters can be a response to something published in KabulNow or talk about important daily observations and experiences. We invite you to submit letters to us on any subject or idea you consider worthy of sharing with others.


Reviews are 400-word individual takes on a piece of art or technology such as a book or a poem, a movie, music or a piece of theatre, a technological application or a gadget.

Please submit your submissions using the contact form below or by submitting to our email: