Taliban detains two Panjshir residents, including a poet, from Kabul

The Taliban agents detained two residents of northeastern Panjshir province, including a poet, in two separate incidents from the capital Kabul last week, local sources said.

One source told KabulNow that the Taliban arrested Hasib Ahrari, a poet, from the 315 area of Kabul on Thursday.

Ahrari, originally from the Anaba district of Panjshir, had sought refuge in Iran following the Taliban takeover. He had recently returned to the country and settled down with his family in Kabul.

The sources emphasized that the poet had no involvement with any anti-Taliban resistance group.

The motives behind his arrest remain unclear, as the Taliban have yet to provide any explanation.

In another separate incident, the Taliban detained a young resident of Panjshir a few days ago in the Parwan 3 neighborhood of Kabul. Identified as Abdul Wakil, the individual served as a bodyguard for Fazal Ahmed Manawi, the former head of the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan in the previous government.

According to the sources, after completing his tenure with the Election Commission, Abdul Wakil started a personal business and maintained no association with any military groups opposing the Taliban.

The Taliban’s arrest campaign targeting residents of Panjshir in Kabul city has witnessed a surge in recent days. Only in the past week, the Taliban have detained three former soldiers and three civilians from Panjshir in Kabul.