Taliban detains a shopkeeper in Panjshir province amid a surge in arbitrary arrests

Taliban agents have detained a shopkeeper in the Annaba district of northeastern Panjshir province amid growing concerns about the group’s arbitrary arrests and extrajudicial executions of civilians, locals said.

One source told KabulNow that the man identified as Mir Agha was arrested on Saturday by the Taliban and later transferred to the provincial prison in the Dashtak area.

Agha originally hails from Guna village in the Abdara area of the district where he owned a shop, the source added.

The motive behind the detention of the man is unknown.

However, patterns of the Taliban’s unlawful arrests in the province show that civilians are often arrested, tortured, and killed for alleged association with anti-Taliban resistance groups, including the National Resistance Front (NRF).

Human rights organizations have expressed concerns over serious human rights violations against civilians by the Taliban in Panjshir which could constitute war crimes.

Taliban officials have not commented on this.