Photo: Library of US Congress

Taliban to form 40 new districts across Afghanistan

The Taliban Ministry of Interior has announced that it will form 40 new districts within 34 provinces of Afghanistan in the near future.

According to the Taliban-run Bakhtar News Agency, the announcement was made on Thursday by the officials of the Taliban Ministry of Interior. However, the specific provinces where these districts will be formed were not disclosed.

This is not the first time the Taliban has announced plans to form new districts. Earlier, the ministry said it would form 27 new districts in 12 provinces.

Since taking control of Afghanistan, the Taliban has reorganized several districts, separating them from one province and adding them into another. One such example is Ghormach district, which was moved from Faryab province to Badghis province, citing the needs of the people.

Before the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, there were 364 districts in 34 provinces in the country. With the creation of 67 new districts, the number of districts will increase to 431.