UNICEF suspends activities in Ghor province amid Taliban interference

Local sources in central Ghor Province have reported the suspension of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) activities in the province, citing interference from the Taliban in their work processes and aid distribution as the reason.

While UNICEF has not yet commented on the matter, local sources report that the suspension will create significant problems for the residents of the province.

A resident of Ghor said, “The UNICEF office has halted all its activities in our deprived province. Our community relies heavily on the support and aid provided by UNICEF, particularly in the health and education sectors. The suspension of their activities will undoubtedly lead to significant challenges for our people.”

While confirming the suspension of UNICEF activities in the province, the spokesman of the Taliban governor for Ghor denied any interference with donor activities and work plans.

However, international organizations have been suspending activities in Afghanistan after Taliban restrictions on UN female officers were not removed. The United Nations has warned that the Taliban is forcing the organization to make an “appalling choice” between staying and leaving.