Taliban puts dead bodies on public display in Herat
Photo: Sent to KabulNow

Taliban puts dead bodies on display for a second time this week in Herat city

The Taliban forces in the western city of Herat have shot dead two men for alleged robbery and put their bodies on public display for the second time this week.

The bodies of two men put on display in Farhang square in the Jebrael neighbourhood had a message attached to them, warning against robbery and resistance against the group’s forces. ‘This is the punishment for robbery and resistance,’ the message read.

According to local sources, the men had been killed early on Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday, the group put another two bodies on display, with the message “Whoever dares to open fire on Mujahidin and commits robbery must learn from this” attached to them.

Shortly after regaining power in Afghanistan for a second time in August 2021, the Taliban displayed the bodies of four alleged kidnappers killed in clashes with the group’s forces in September 2021 in Herat city.