cleric in Kunduz

Unknown Gunmen Kill a Cleric in Kunduz

Sources in the northeastern Kunduz province confirmed that unknown gunmen murdered a local cleric last Saturday in the 3rd district of Kunduz city. A source has claimed that the Taliban have assassinated this cleric, for he served as prayers imam for the former Afghan army.

A source told Kabul Now that the cleric was murdered on Saturday, December 03, in the Chai Froshi area of Kunduz city, where he served as a teacher and prayers leader for the locals’ mosque.

This source identified him as Qari Abdul Hadi, adding that “personal hostility” is the motive behind his murder.

Meanwhile, some sources claim that the cleric served as leader of prayers for the former Afghan army in Kunduz, and the Taliban murdered him.

These sources added that the Taliban lured him out of his house overnight and then murdered the victim.

Confirming the murder incident, a spokesperson for the Taliban police in Kunduz, Ubaidullah Abedi, said that unknown men killed the cleric in the limits of the 7th police station in Kunduz city.

He added that the Taliban had arrested one person in connection to the murder case, and the investigation is underway.

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