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Taliban detains Panjshir resident car dealer in Kabul

Taliban agents on Tuesday detained a car dealer, a resident of Panjshir’s Rocha district, in Kabul.

A source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told KabulNow that the man known as Mahboob Omar was arrested from the Qasaba area when 20 armed Taliban forces stormed a car sales company.

The Taliban forces tied Omar’s leg and blindfolded him before dragging him into a Ford Ranger vehicle, the source added.

The motive behind the arrest of Omar is unclear and Taliban officials have not commented.

A source close to Omar said that he is an ordinary man who worked as a car dealer for many years.

The Taliban’s arrest campaign targeting residents of Panjshir in Kabul city has witnessed a surge in recent months. Taliban often accuse these residents of collaborating with anti-Taliban groups, including the National Resistance Front, which fights the Taliban from Panjshir and other neighboring provinces.

Human rights organizations have accused the Taliban of committing war crimes in Panjshir by detaining, torturing, or killing civilians and former security forces.