ISKP members in Herat
Photo: Etilaat Roz \ KabulNow

Taliban claims to have killed 6 ISKP members in Herat

The Taliban-controlled Bakhtar News Agency has reported the group’s Special Forces conducted an operation in the western province of Herat last night, killing 6 Islamic State Khorasan-Province members, including a woman.

According to Bakhtar, Taliban forces also seized weapons and ammunition during the operation. 

Local sources in the province have confirmed to KabulNow that clashes broke out between the Taliban and armed individuals in the Robat Kabuliha area of PD14 in the city at around 11 pm. Both sides exchanged heavy and light weaponry for about half an hour.

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The Taliban has claimed to have conducted similar operations in other parts of Afghanistan in recent months. 

On Sunday 26 February, explosions and clashes were reported in the Khair Khana neighbourhood of Kabul. The Taliban claimed the group’s forces had killed two key ISKP members, including a military chief, were killed.