Taliban in Panjshir arrest a former army member and a civilian

Former army personnel and civilian detained by Taliban in Panjshir

Local sources in the north-eastern Panjshir province confirmed to KabulNow that the Taliban forces have detained a former army member and a civilian in the province over the past two days. The circumstances behind their arrests remain unknown.

On Tuesday, the Taliban arrested Abdul Khaliq who had served as imam of mosque for the previous army ranks but remained jobless after the collapse of the government. “He did not have any connection with any anti-Taliban groups,” sources said, adding that the former army member was arrested in Anaba district has been taken to the Taliban’s central prison in Panjshir.

Other sources confirmed to KabulNow that the Taliban intelligence agents detained a civilian named Sheerin Mohammad from Bazarak, capital of the province, on Wednesday for unknown reason.

The detainee, according to these sources, was a resident of Rukha district who had a used-clothing shop in Bazarak.

Over the past one and a half year of its rule, the Taliban have mostly arrested people in Panjshir on charges of cooperation with the National Resistance Front (NRF), an anti-Taliban militia founded by Ahmad Masoud in Panjshir after the Taliban recaptured Kabul in August 2021, and holding weapons.