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Taliban Prevent Burial of Former Militia Commander in His Village Cemetery

Members of the Taliban have prevented the burial of a former anti-Taliban commander in the cemetery of his home village in the northeastern Takhar province. The commander who had fled Taliban persecution was “mysteriously” killed recently in his home in Iran.

Relatives of the commander named Sayed Mahmood Butshekan said that the Taliban didn’t allow locals to bury him in the cemetery of his home village in Eshkamesh district of the province.

He was commander of the People’s Uprising Force – an anti-Taliban militia – before the group returned to power. The commander had fled to Iran after the collapse of the previous government but was “mysteriously” killed in his home in Sheraz, Iran, sources told Kabul Now.

His dead body was brought to his home village in Takhar for burial.

The Taliban, however, did not allow the locals to bury him in the village’s cemetery and forced them to bury the commander’s body far from a public cemetery in another village.

Moreover, sources confirmed that the Taliban prevented holding a funeral ceremony that was set to be held for the slain commander in Taloqan, the capital city of Takhar.

Butshekan was a prominent Jihadi and anti-Taliban commander in Eshkamesh district of Takhar.

He fought against the Taliban within the People Uprising Force which was supported by the intelligence agency of the previous government officially known as the National Directorate of Security.