Gallup: Afghanistan Least Secure Country in The World

Gallup has placed Afghanistan as the least secure country and Singapore as the safest country in the world in their survey. The survey was published on Wednesday, October 25th 2021.

This survey, based on the Gallup World Poll questions, asks people whether they trust their local police, feel safe in their neighborhoods, or if they have experienced incidents of theft and/ or assault in the past year.

According to Gallup, higher scores mean more of the country’s population feel safe in a country.

According to this organization’s survey, Singapore is the safest country with 96 points, and Afghanistan is the least secure country, with 51 points.

Gallup adds, “Due to the pandemic, no country was surveyed in 2020. In previous years, Singapore scored the highest on the index nearly every year, and Afghanistan scored the lowest on the index in both 2018 and 2019”.

Afghanistan scored 51 points in 2021, but according to Gallup, there has been a slight improvement in its score of 43 in 2019.

Gallup’s surveys in Afghanistan in 2021 occurred when the Taliban returned to power and took over the country in August 2021. Although Afghanistan faced several challenges in 2021, especially early on in the Taliban’s administration – the end of the Taliban’s insurgency against the coalition forces, and the former government’s forces, has led to a marked drop in violence, Gallup adds in the report.