Clashes between Taliban and ISKP

Eight Killed in Clash Between Taliban and ISKP in Kunduz

The Taliban forces attacked a hideout of the Islamic State- Khurasan Province (ISKP) in Kuduz city and killed five members of the group, according to a Taliban security official. Other local sources, however, said that three Taliban members were also killed and wounded during the clash.

Obaidullah Abidi, spokesperson for the Taliban’s police chief in Kunduz , said that their forces carried out a special operation on the ISKP’s hideout today’s morning, October 18, in PD2 of Kunduz city. The operation was carried out on a residential house in the “Sarak-e-Now” area of ​​the PD2, he added.

The ISKP members had rented the house and wanted to use it to create security problems for the people, the Taliban local official detailed. But they were killed before reaching their goal, he noted.

Meanwhile, another reliable source said that the Taliban forces have also suffered casualties in today’s clash against the ISKP. At least, one member of the Taliban was killed and two others wounded, the source added.   

According to the source, the Taliban have also arrested three women on charges of being associated with the ISKP.

The ISKP which proclaims itself as Khurasan province of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group established its foothold for the first time in 2014 in Afghanistan. It has carried out deadly complex attacks in different parts of Afghanistan since then with a special focus on the predominantly Shia-Hazara community.

100s of the ISKP fighters, who were imprisoned by the previous Afghan government, were freed with the Taliban takeover of Kabul on August 15, 2021. Though the Taliban have often tried to downplay the presence of ISKP in Afghanistan since their return to power, the terrorist group have conducted many deadly attacks under the Taliban ruled Afghanistan.