Taliban attack in Faizabad

Government forces repelled Taliban attack in Faizabad

The security and defense forces have pushed back the Taliban from the outskirt of Faizabad city, the provincial capital of the northeastern Badakhshan province, a local source said.

Sanaullah Rohani, the spokesperson for Badakhshan police, said the Taliban had launched attacks on Friday evening, August 06, around 6:30 PM which lasted at 4:00 AM today.

The Taliban has suffered heavy casualties, according to Mr. Rohani.  

In a video message, Abbas Tawakuli, the commander of 217 Pamir Corps, said the Taliban have retreated from the city of Faizabad with heavy casualties. According to him, along with security and defense forces, People Uprising Forces have also played an important role in repelling the Taliban attacks.

Bashir Samim, the governor for Badakhshan, assured the residents of Faizabad that the security and defense forces will defend them at any cost.

Located in the northern part of the country, Badakhshan is a volatile province where the Taliban controls more than 20 of its districts.

The Taliban however claimed that security forces suffered casualties as the result of their attacks on security checkpoints at the western gate of Faizabad.

The Taliban has recently intensified its military campaigns to capture provincial capitals in the provinces of Herat, Kandahar, Helmand, Farah, Nimruz, Jawzjan, and Takhar.

Following the escalation of violence and Taliban military campaign, UN Security Council held a session on Afghanistan on Friday, August 06, at the request of the Afghan government. The meeting condemned the escalation of violence, war crimes, and human rights abuses.

The UN envoy to Afghanistan called for immediate international action to prevent an acute humanitarian crisis and human rights abuses in the country.