Locals mobilized against Taliban in Parwan

Locals mobilized against Taliban in Parwan

To defend the growing Taliban attacks, hundreds of locals in the northern Parwan province, including Jihadi commanders, MPs, and members of the province’s Provincial Council, have mobilized against the militants, a local source said.

Wahida Shahkar, spokesperson for Parwan governor, told Kabul Now today, June 20, that the local residents would be sent to security outposts in different parts of the province in coordination with local and security officials to defend the Taliban attacks.

Hundreds of people including MP Abdul Zahir Salangi, who represents Parwan in the Parliament, have left for Ghorband district with an “organized plan”, she added.

Today morning, Amir Gul Shaheen, who represents Kabul in the Parliament but is originally from Parwarn, also joined the local residents of the province along with a large number of his followers to fight against the Taliban, the local official said.

According to her, the mobilized forces will be stationed in insecure areas of Parwan along with their own arms and weapons.

As per the statement issued by the press office of Parwan governor, Mohammad Almas Zahid, an adviser to the President, has welcomed mobilization of the local residents against the Taliban.

“People are determined to fight along with security forces on the front line,” the statement added quoting Parwan governor, Fazluddin Ayar.

Located 64 Kilometers to the north of Kabul, Parwan is an insecure province, where the Taliban actively operate and have recently increased their attacks in parts of the province, including Ghorband Valley.

In their latest attacks to expend their territorial control, the militants have overrun around 30 districts across the country as the result of which thousands of families have been displaced from their hometowns and country.