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Taliban arrested four residents of Panjshir province in recent days

Taliban intelligence agents have arrested four residents of northeastern Panjshir province in the past four days, local sources reported.

The detainees were identified as Rashid Ahmadi, a school student; Gul Haidar Azizyar, a university instructor; Zakaria Sohrabi, an employee of Panjshir municipality; and Naqibullah Walizada, an employee of the National Statistics and Information Directorate in the province.

According to sources, Rashid Ahmadi and Gul Haidar Azizyar were arrested in Kabul city while Zakaria Sohrabi and Naqibullah Walizada were arrested in Panjshir province.

Taliban authorities have not yet commented on this.

Reports indicate that the Taliban has detained, tortured, and executed ex-officials, former members of security forces, and civilians in Panjshir, often accused of having links with anti-Taliban armed groups.

Human rights organizations have raised concerns that the Taliban have committed war crimes in Panjshir province.