Kuchi gunmen accused of killing a teenage boy in Panjshir province

Local sources have accused two nomadic Kuchi gunmen of killing a teenage boy in the Paryan district of Panjshir province in a “revenge plot.”

The victim, identified as Dadullah, was a school teacher who spent his free time driving a taxi.

On Friday, the taxi driver was lured by the suspects to a marketplace to buy sheep and then shot dead in a planned execution on the route to the Aab Guman district, according to sources.

The suspects have been detained by the Taliban police, sources said. However, local Taliban authorities have not commented.

The sources claimed that revenge was the motive for the killing, saying that Dadullah’s uncle had “killed” a Kuchi man during a clash six years ago.

While his uncle remained at large, the case was later settled down by village and Kuchi elders, sources stated.

Dadullah, as sources put it, was a small boy and had “nothing to do with the case.”

Further details into the Friday incident are not known so far.