Taliban detains two civilians from Panjshir in Kabul

Reports indicate that two individuals, originally from the Darah district of northeastern Panjshir province, have been detained by the Taliban in Kabul.

Sources told KabulNow that Shams-ul-Rahman Raheeq, a human rights activist, and his cousin Atta-ul-Rahman, a local shopkeeper, were apprehended three days ago in the Guzargah neighborhood of Kabul.

According to the sources, these individuals have no affiliations with any organization or group opposing the Taliban’s rule.

The motive behind the arrest of these two Panjshir residents remains unclear, leaving their families without any information regarding their whereabouts or well-being.

Over the past two years since the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan, numerous civilians and former military personnel from Panjshir province have been subjected to arrests under various pretexts. The group has routinely targeted young individuals, accusing them of colluding with military factions opposing their regime, notably the “National Resistance Front.”