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Taliban detains local commander and his brother in Panjshir province

Taliban security forces in Panjshir province have detained one of their own commanders and his brother.

The commander, identified as Saadat Mir, and his brother, Khushdel, were arrested in Darah district of the province two days ago.

Saadat Mir reportedly served as a deputy commander in the district.

According to sources, during the initial days of Taliban rule in Panjshir, Saadat Mir and Khushdel were appointed by the group’s former governor, Mawlawi Qudratullah, as the commander of a military unit and deputy commander of security in Darah district. However, both individuals were soon dismissed from their positions.

The sources further reveal that during their tenure in Darah district, the commander amassed weapons and military equipment from former soldiers and civilians but did not surrender them to the Taliban authorities. This is believed to be the cause of their detention.

It is worth noting that Saadat Mir previously led popular uprising forces during the previous government and maintained ties with the Taliban, while his brother served as a security soldier for the former government.

According to the sources, these individuals are associated with Mawlawi Qudratullah, the former governor of the Taliban in Panjshir province. Together with “Commander Malik,” who later joined the “National Resistance Front” and was subsequently killed, they were responsible for the security of Darah and Abshar districts during the fall of Panjshir.