NRF warns against relocating TTP members to northern Afghanistan

The armed anti-Taliban group, the National Resistance Front (NRF), has criticized the Taliban for relocating “regional terrorists” to northern Afghanistan, posing a severe threat to ethnic coexistence and national unity.

In a Persian statement on Thursday, the NRF expressed that “the Taliban relocating thousands of armed terrorists to the northern and western provinces of Afghanistan would be a final blow to the peaceful coexistence of ethnic groups and the unity of the country.”

The NRF added: “To thwart this relocation and put an end to the occupation, we have no option but to continue fighting and resisting domestic and regional terrorists.”

The opposition alleges that the Taliban’s “disgraceful partnership” with Pakistan and other known circles aims to “turn the geography of northeast, north and west Afghanistan into a destabilized territory resembling ‘Waziristan’, and change the geopolitics of the civilized regions.”

The actions of the Taliban have raised concerns among neighboring countries and the wider region, as stated by the Resistance Front. The NRF has further asserted that the relocation of “terrorists” to the north and west of Afghanistan is a deliberate effort to destabilize the region and undermine the political, social, and economic stability of these countries.

The “Purple Saturdays Movement,” a group of women activists in Takhar province, has also called on the international community and Central Asian states, urging them to prevent northern Afghanistan from becoming a proxy battlefield for intelligence organizations.

In a statement on Thursday, the movement’s members expressed concerns that the Taliban’s transfer of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) members is an attempt to alter the ethnic composition of the region and turn it into a sanctuary for terrorists.

They warned that if Afghanistan becomes a safe haven for terrorists, no country will be secure.

Under an agreement with Pakistan, the Taliban has agreed to relocate “Waziristan immigrants” from the southern border with Pakistan to northern Afghanistan. Critics of the Taliban argue that these individuals are actually Pakistanis being relocated to Afghanistan.