Photo: IRIB

Iran hands over 101 Afghan prisoners to the Taliban

The government of Iran handed over 101 citizens of Afghanistan, who were serving prison sentences in Iran, to the Taliban authorities on Sunday.

According to Mizan News Agency, Iran’s Deputy Director of International Affairs and Human Rights at the Ministry of Justice, Askar Jalalian, confirmed the handover and said that the individuals were transferred to the Taliban through the Nimruz border to continue serving the remainder of their sentences in Afghanistan.

Jalalian said: “The handover was made possible through the joint efforts of the Committee for the Transfer of Convicts at the Ministry of Justice, along with the cooperation of the judiciary, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Prisons Organization. In addition, diplomatic and legal consultations were held between Iran and the Taliban to facilitate this process.”

Last year, a total of 800 citizens of Afghanistan imprisoned in Iranian facilities were also handed over to the Taliban to serve the remaining terms of their sentences in Afghanistan.

The prisoner exchange between Iran and Afghanistan is conducted in accordance with the prisoner exchange agreement signed by the justice ministries of both countries in 2006.