Taliban detains several people in Panjshir province

According to local sources in Panjshir province, a number of residents who recently returned from Iran have been detained and subjected to investigations. At least eight men and boys have been confirmed to be held in custody, as reported by the sources.

An anonymous source revealed that in the eyes of Taliban authorities, anyone returning from Iran is considered a suspect and potential recruit for anti-Taliban groups like the National Resistance Front or Freedom Front.

Taliban intelligence frequently interrogates these returning residents to ascertain the purpose of their return from Iran. The investigations extend even to students, the source added.

The source also mentioned a personal incident where one of their relatives, who had returned to Kabul, was arrested in the capital’s commercial area and held in custody for a period of two weeks.

Over the past two months, Taliban intelligence agents have briefly detained at least two residents from central Panjshir, three from Darah district, and one from Paryan district.

Returnees from Iran face heightened vulnerability as Taliban members have been ordered to investigate and potentially detain them, aiming to prevent their involvement with anti-Taliban groups, as per the source’s suggestion.

In an attempt to escape poverty and possible arrests by the Taliban, many Panjshir residents have sought refuge in Iran since the Taliban regained power.

Numerous reports have surfaced indicating that the Taliban, in their efforts to counter resistance forces, have allegedly committed war crimes in Panjshir. These reported offenses include extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, detentions, torture, beatings, and harassment of civilians.