Taliban system is not a solution for Afghanistan, former Vice President says

Sarwar Danesh, the head of the Afghanistan Justice and Freedom Party and the former Second Vice President of Afghanistan, has emphasized that the “Taliban project and the Emirate system” cannot be the solution for Afghanistan’s future.

Speaking at the meeting of the Supreme Council of National Resistance for the Salvation Afghanistan on Friday, Danesh discussed various issues and identified internal and external factors as the reason for the fall of the previous government.

He said that the Taliban dominated the country with “a conspiracy under the guise of negotiation and peace”.

According to him, the Taliban’s two periods in leadership have demonstrated their lack of capability to govern the country. “Taliban have maintained their power in the last 20 months only by using force and repression, their system has not achieved success in both domestic and international dimensions, and it has not gained any legitimacy or acceptance among the people of Afghanistan.”

Danesh claimed that poverty, hunger, and unemployment have increased in the country, many people rely only on foreign humanitarian aid, and development projects have stopped altogether. He added that the Taliban have taken away the political, social, cultural, and economic rights of all the citizens of Afghanistan.

He further criticized the Taliban’s inhumane actions with an extremist interpretation of religion and Sharia law. According to him, claims that there is no alternative to the Taliban are baseless, vulgar lobbying to whitewash the Taliban and mislead the people, and make the world forgetful to lay the groundwork for gaining legitimacy for the Taliban.

Sarwar Danesh expressed hope that the upcoming UN meeting in Doha will prevent biased and directional plans or lobbying for Taliban recognition, and support the opposition coalitions of this group.

The Doha meeting, hosted by the UN Secretary-General, is scheduled to be held on May 1 for two days, with the presence of the special representatives of the countries in Afghanistan affairs. According to the UN, the meeting aims to find a single approach to deal with the situation in Afghanistan and prevent further instability in the country.