Residents of Ghor concerned over incomplete infrastructure projects

Residents of the central Ghor province have expressed concerns over the neglect of infrastructure projects in the province, demanding the Taliban to finish the construction projects left incomplete.

Since the fall of the previous government, the Taliban have not resumed the construction of these projects which has left them half-finished for nearly two years.

Gholam Sakhi, a resident of Ghor, told KabulNow that “the work on the Ghor-Kabul highway, Ghor-Herat highway, Pozlich power station, solar power project, university buildings, and dozens of other projects have remained half-finished since the fall of the previous government, and there is no news of its resumption with nearly two years already passed.”

Residents are worried that the Taliban have no plans to implement infrastructure projects and that Ghor province, which has always been neglected by previous governments, will not receive attention for reconstruction.

Even in the projects that are to be implemented in the country in the new solar year, Ghor Province is not included.

Despite the announcement made by the office of the Taliban’s Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs that the unfinished work of eleven major infrastructure projects will be completed this year, Ghor Province is not part of those projects.

Ghor province is one of the remote and mountainous provinces of Afghanistan, and the residents have repeatedly started civil protests for the construction of roads and electricity supply during the previous government, but their calls were not heeded.