Left to right: Marjan Wafa Mohammadi, Mohammad Yusuf Hanif, Mohammad Arif Yaqoubi.

Three journalists awarded Afghanistan Journalist of the Year

Afghanistan Journalists Center (AFJC) announced the winners of the 10th annual “Afghanistan Journalist of the Year” award. The award ceremony was held on Wednesday in Brussels, Belgium, with the aim of recognising and celebrating the achievements of Afghan journalists and media.

This year’s winners were Mohammad Yusuf Hanif, a reporter for TOLO News, Mohammad Arif Yaqoubi, a reporter for Afghanistan International, and Marjan Wafa Mohammadi, a reporter for Radio Kilid. The three journalists were jointly recognised as the winners of the 2023 Afghanistan Journalist of the Year Award in recognition of their work over the past year.

AFJC said in a statement: “A report from ToloNews reporter Mohammad Yousuf Hanif on the dire situation of people affected by the earthquakes in Paktika province, and a documentary by Afghanistan International TV reporter Mohammad Arif Yahqoubi about the illegal migration of an Afghan photographer and filmmaker to Australia, received high scores in panel’s final assessment.”

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Due to the extremely difficult working conditions for women journalists and the increased restrictions they are facing, the judges decided to conduct a special assessment of their nominated works, in which Killid Radio reporter Marjan Wafa received the highest score.

Afghanistan Journalist of the Year” award recognises the critical role of journalists in Afghanistan, who often work under difficult and dangerous circumstances to bring news and information to the public.

Following their return to power, the Taliban’s restrictions on media have resulted in numerous closures of media outlets and forced many journalists to flee Afghanistan.