Taliban arrest Panjshir residents
Photo: Getty Images

Taliban violently arrest two locals in Panjshir province

Local sources in Dara district of the north-eastern Panjshir province confirmed to KabulNow that the Taliban intelligence agents have beaten hard two civilians and then arrested them on charges of cooperating with the anti-Taliban National Resistance Front (NRF) in the district on Sunday.

A source identified the two detainees as Mohammad Yousuf and Mirza Faqir who are farmers in Dara Abdullah Khell valley of Dara district. The two farmers did not have any relation with the NRF, the source added.

This comes only three days after the Taliban arrested two other civilians in the same district for unknown reasons last Thursday.

Panjshir is a volatile province under the Taliban rule and the birthplace of the NRF which was founded under the leadership of Ahmad Masoud, son of the Jihadi commander Ahmad Shah Masoud, shortly after the Taliban recaptured Kabul in August 2021.

Since then, the Taliban and the NRF have fought deadly battles against each other, particularly in Dara district.

The province has remained under the Taliban’s heavy military crackdown and its residents are frequently arrested, tortured, and even killed both inside and outside Panjshir province on charges of cooperation with the NRF.

In a statement on Friday, Amnesty International called on the international community to “end Taliban impunity” and take “concrete action” against the group over its abuse of human rights in Afghanistan, mentioning women, the situation in Panjshir and the Hazara community.