Taliban seize properties in Panjshir

Taliban Official Admits the Group’s Members Raped a Woman in Panjshir

Kabul Now has obtained a recorded phone conversation with a local Taliban official in which he confirms that members of the group have raped a woman in the Parian district of Panjshir province.

Speaking to a person surnamed Ziayee, Mawlawi Aminulhaq, a member of the Taliban’s Commission for assessing complaints about the group’s fighters, admits that it was “true” that the Taliban members raped a woman in the Khawak district.

Aminulhaq is the chief judge of the Taliban’s municipal court in the northeastern region of Panjshir province.

It was initially reported earlier this week that members of the Taliban raped a woman and her four daughters in Hazara Kapa Deh Khawak village of Parian district.

In the phone conversation, the local Taliban officials, however, reject that the woman’s daughters have also been raped.

Aminulhaq says that he has gone to Khawak to investigate the case and has personally talked to the rape victim.

Six Taliban members have been arrested on charges of raping the woman, he says in the phone conversation.

According to him, one of those six Taliban members has already admitted his crime, and the remaining five others are complicit in the rape case.

The rape victim is an original resident of the Khost district of the northern Baghlan province, he said.