Photo: UNAMA

Women’s Exclusion from Open Society Damages the Country, Says UNAMA

UN Special Envoy Roza Otunbayeva in a meeting with Alison Davidian, UN Women Representative in Afghanistan and Afghan gender rights experts discussed the growing challenges that Afghan women face every day in the country.

The Office of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) quoting Roza Otunbayeva stated, “women’s exclusion from work and open society damages the country”.

UNAMA continues to push for equal rights and dignity of all Afghans, added Roza Otunbayeva in her statement.

Since the return of the Taliban to power in August 2021, girls and women have been deprived of their basic rights.

Since the Taliban’s return to power, the group has imposed severe restrictions on women and girls.

Currently, girls above the 6th grade are not allowed to go to school, and female employees can no longer work in government offices.

These restrictions have forced women to start protest rallies but the group’s de-facto regime, however, has violently dispersed these protests in different parts of the country.

In recent weeks, several women protesters and activists have been arrested and their whereabouts are not clear.