The International Community Must Not Ignore Afghan Women and Girls, Says Amnesty International

Recently, the Taliban banned women from entering parks and gyms in Afghanistan. Amnesty International, on Friday, November 11, reacted to newly imposed restrictions and called on the international community not to ignore the plight of women under Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

Amnesty International has requested the de facto Taliban authorities to reverse this ban on women and girls.

“Since the Taliban returned to power, women and girls have been banned from exercising their most basic rights such as freedom of movement, the right to education – due to girls’ schools above the sixth grade still remaining shut and political participation.”, the organization stated.

The Taliban also demolished institutions designed to deal with cases of violence against women under the former government, added Amnesty International.

The Taliban have illegally arrested, detained and tortured women protesters, including a number of women activists who were detained a few days earlier, the organization said.

Since the Taliban’s return to power, the group has imposed severe restrictions on women and girls. Currently, girls above the sixth grade are not allowed to go to school, and female employees can no longer work in government offices. These restrictions have forced women to start protest rallies but the group’s de-facto regime, however, has violently dispersed these protests in different parts of the country.