A Former Soldier Assassinated in Farah

Local sources in the southwestern Farah province report to Kabul Now that a former soldier was assassinated by unknown armed men in the center of this province.

A source identified the former soldier as Ezzatullah and said that he was shot by unknown people on Thursday, November 24 in the fourth district of ​​Farah city.

Meanwhile, the Taliban security head for Farah province confirmed the assassination of this former soldier and said that they have arrested one person in connection with this incident.

The local officials of the Taliban in Farah province have not provided more details about the incident and the cause behind this assassination.

There have been many reports of arrests, assassinations and tortures and targeted killing of former soldiers in Farah and other parts of the country for the past one year. International human rights organizations and some countries have accused the Taliban of being involved in the killing of these former soldiers but the Taliban have always denied these accusations.