Women take up arms against Taliban in Ghor

Women take up arms against Taliban in Ghor

Hundreds of women have taken up arms pledging to fight against the Taliban militants to the last bullet in the central Ghor province, according to local authorities.

Taking to Kabul Now, Abdul Zahir Faizzadah, Ghor governor, said today, July 04, the women will fight against the militants alongside the Afghan defense and security forces.

The women have also warned that they do not want the repeat of the Taliban regime (from 1996 to 200), office of Ghor governor said in a statement. These women have expressed support for the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and rejected the Taliban’s so called Islamic emirate.

This comes amid a growing uprising of the local residents against the Taliban militants who have intensified their attacks across the country, particularly in Ghor.

The militants have overrun as many as four districts over the last month.