Taliban launch attack on Ghazni city

Taliban launch attacks on Ghazni city

The Taliban militants have launched attacks against Ghazni city from several directions and overrun security outposts in suburbs of the city, local sources confirmed.

A local security source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Kabul Now the militants have attacked at least five security outposts in Ghazni city. He added that sporadic fightings are underway between the militants and government forces in the city.

Fatima Rahimi, a member of Ghazni Provincial Council, confirmed the Taliban militants have reached the PRT area in the south-western suburb of the city. The militants have overrun security outposts in Qala-e-Qazi area and the militant are now controlling part of the city’s north-western area, she added.

According to the local official, sporadic fighting is also underway in Alberoni Township of the city between the government forces and the militants.

Moreover, she confirmed the Taliban also overthrew security outposts in the city’s eastern gate and entered the city. Some footage circulating on social media also suggest that the militants are raising their flag on the gate and patrolling in the area.

Amanullah Kamran, another member of Ghazni Provincial Council, also confirmed the militants entered suburbs of Ghazni city after overrunning several outposts and an army battalion along the highway connecting Ghazni to Zabul.

The Taliban maintain a heavy presence in areas surrounding the city, he added.

Ghazni is a volatile province in southern part of the country. The Taliban militants are actively operating in the province and have overrun seven districts over past 23 days.

With the newly fallen districts, the Taliban now control 11 districts of its 19 districts.