Taliban shot dead a woman and man in Ghor

The Taliban have shot dead a woman and man in Ghor province, local officials confirmed. Arif Aber, spokesperson for Ghor governor, told Kabul Now that the accident took place on Monday, April 20, in a Taliban-controlled area in Du Layna district of the province.

The man and woman were shot dead on charges of elopement.

Over last year, the Taliban field commanders shot dead three women in similar deadly actions. The militant group held kangaroo courts for charges of elopement and alleged adultery.

The central Ghor province has seen the deadliest kind of violence against women in last years.

There are reports suggesting that the militants have killed women in the areas they control after accusing them of adultery and other alleged wrongdoings.    

In late 1990s, the group killed a woman in public over alleged adultery in Ghazi stadium of Kabul.