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Protesting women accuse Taliban of killing women’s rights activists in Afghanistan

A group of protesting women, the Afghanistan Powerful Women Movement, has accused the Taliban of being responsible for the mysterious and targeted killings of women’s rights activists in Afghanistan.

In a statement on Saturday, the movement accused the Taliban of killing at least 18 women’s rights activists in mysterious circumstances in several provinces of Afghanistan over the past two years.

The group cited the case of Hora Sadat, a female YouTuber who was killed in Kabul on Thursday. The Taliban claimed that Sadat was killed by unknown individuals, but the movement asserted that the Taliban was responsible for her death.

The movement further stated that the Taliban’s actions are a clear attempt to cover up their crimes against humanity. However, they warned that “nothing will remain hidden from the public eye.”

The movement has called on the international community, human rights organizations, and women’s rights defenders to take action to stop the Taliban’s crimes against the people of Afghanistan, especially women.

The members of the movement have also requested that citizens of all countries, the United Nations, and human rights organizations file a lawsuit in collaboration with the people of Afghanistan so that the International Criminal Court (ICC) prioritizes investigating the Taliban’s “crimes against humanity.”

The movement also emphasized the importance of not recognizing the Taliban as a legitimate government. They stated that any interaction with the Taliban is tantamount to interacting with terrorists and legitimizing their actions.