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Taliban’s crackdown of women protesters condemned by the UN and human rights groups

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and Amnesty International have expressed concern over reports of the forceful suppression of peaceful protests by women against the ban on beauty salons in Afghanistan.

In a tweet on Wednesday, UNAMA emphasised that all citizens of Afghanistan have the right to express their views without facing violence, and it called on the Taliban to uphold this fundamental right.

Amnesty International has also raised serious concerns about the Taliban’s use of force against women protesting the ban on beauty salons.

Amnesty condemned the Taliban’s “war against women” against women.

And Freedom Now, a Washington-based human rights organisation, has said that the erasure of women from society in Afghanistan must end.

The Taliban dispersed a group of women protesting against the group’s ban on women beauty salons.

Videos circulating on social media apparently shows Taliban fighters fire shots into the air to frighten the protesters away.

Earlier this month, the Taliban’s leader, Mullah Hibatullah Akhunzada, issued a ban on all women’s beauty salons in Afghanistan, adding to a series of over 50 oppressive edicts targeting women and girls.

The ban on women’s rights has faced widespread condemnation from women in the country, human rights organizations, and the international community. However, the Taliban has not yet rescinded these bans, claiming that they are implementing Islamic sharia laws across the country.