Photo: KabulNow

Concerns arise over disorder in Taliban traffic department in Herat province

Residents of Herat province have expressed concerns over disorder in the local Taliban traffic department. Despite having the necessary paperwork, individuals are experiencing long wait times to obtain licenses.

One resident shared his frustration with KabulNow, stating that he had been visiting the Herat Traffic Department for two days without a resolution to his issue. The lack of order and management within the department has left him disheartened.

Residents attribute the disorder to the incompetence and lack of knowledge among the Taliban traffic personnel. They point out that the illiteracy of some employees has led to comical yet saddening situations.

The people of Herat province call on the Taliban traffic officials to establish order and organization in the process and ensure clear guidance for individuals, eliminating the need for aimless waiting.

Three months ago, the Taliban General Directorate of Traffic initiated the issuance of documents, including driving licenses and license plates, specifically for right-hand drive vehicles.

The directorate warned that undocumented vehicles owners must obtain a license within three months, or else their cars would be confiscated. However, the unfamiliarity of the Taliban traffic personnel with the process has caused confusion and uncertainty among the public in certain provinces, Herat included.