Taliban claims elimination of key ISIS-K commander in Nangarhar province

Local Taliban officials in eastern Nangarhar province have reported the elimination of two members of ISIS-K, including “a key commander” operating in the region.

According to Qureshi Badloon, the head of the Taliban Information and Culture Directorate in Nangarhar, the operation targeted the ISIS-K commander known as “Torab Bajouri,” resulting in his demise during a nighttime mission.

Badloon said that the operation took place in the Vach Tangi area of the Kuz Kunar district on Thursday night.

Moreover, the Taliban official revealed that Bajouri was also the so-called governor of ISIS-K in Laghman province, and he had been planning military offensives against the Taliban.

ISIS-K has yet to issue a response to this incident.

ISIS-K has claimed responsibility for numerous deadly attacks within Afghanistan in recent months. However, the Taliban has consistently denied the presence of ISIS within the country, asserting that these militants infiltrate Afghanistan from outside to carry out their attacks.