Taliban detains school principal in Parwan province for criticising ban on girls’ education

The Taliban has detained a school principal in Bagram district of central Parwan province for openly criticising the ban on girls’ education, KabulNow sources in the area have reported.

The detained individual, identified as Lutfullah, holds the position of principal at Abdul Sattar Shahid High School in Dawlat-Shahi village of Bagram district.

According to sources, Lutfullah was apprehended on Friday morning during an official gathering where he voiced his concerns about the closure of girls’ schools among Taliban members. As of now, the group has not provided any official statement regarding his arrest.

Secondary schools for girls have remained closed ever since the Taliban returned to power on 15 August 2021. In December 2022, the group also banned university education for women.

Despite widespread protests by women both inside and outside the country and the international calls for reopening girls’ schools, the Taliban have not backed down from their decision of banning education for girls.