Taliban infighting in Panjshir

Taliban’s infighting in Panjshir leaves its provincial judge and six others wounded

Sources in the north-eastern Panjshir province confirmed to KabulNow that an hour-long infighting among the Taliban fighters, erupted over collecting smart phones, has left seven members of the group, including its chief judge in Panjshir, wounded on Saturday night.

The infighting erupted on Saturday night after members of the Taliban’s military commission attempted to enter the group’s appellate court compound in the province for collecting smart phones but security guards of the Taliban provincial judge did not allow them to do so.

After arguing over the issue, members of the Taliban’s provincial military commission and security guards of the provincial chief judge, Mawlawi Abdul Sadeed, engaged in an armed clash against each other nearly for one hour.

A source detailed that the Taliban’s chief judge in Panjshir, four of his body guards, and two forces of the Taliban’s military commission were wounded during the infighting. The infighting lasted for an hour and ended when the two sides ran out of munitions, the source added.

In October 2022, after videos of the alleged Taliban’s extrajudicial killings shot by smart phones went viral on social media, the Taliban leader, Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada, prohibited using smartphones in the restive province.

Since then, the Taliban forces have confiscated smartphones from civilians, the group’s civil and military personnel in checkpoints set up in different parts of the province the time and again.