Taliban arrest a writer critical of the group

Taliban in Faryab province arrest a writer critical of the group

Sources in the northern Faryab province confirmed to KabulNow that the Taliban forces detained a writer and teacher trainer, Mohammad Kazim Amini, on Sunday’s morning while he was working on his farmland in Maymana, capital of the province.

He has phoned his family after his arrest informing them that the Taliban forces had detained him, one of the writer’s relative said, adding that his phone was later switched off.

The writer, who was a lecturer at Faryab teachers’ training institute, is known for his critical writings about the Taliban and the group’s policies.

Amini has written a sum of 36 books and is also active in the fields of music and painting.

Over the past few months, a number of university lecturers have been arrested mostly after they criticized the Taliban for its policy of banning education for women and girls in Afghanistan.

Last month, the group arrested at least two university lecturers in the capital Kabul and in the north-eastern Badakhshan province reportedly for their critical stance against the Taliban’s ban on women’s education and work.