12 NRF members

Taliban in Badakhshan arrest 629 people over the past one year

The Taliban police in the north-eastern Badakhshan province has said that the group’s forces have arrested a total of 629 people on different charges, including for cooperation with the National Resistance Front (NRF), over the past one year.

According to the press office of the Taliban’s provincial police chief, it has handled a total of 325 cases of robbery, murder, and moral crimes over the past 12 months and arrested 508 people in connections to these cases.

The level of criminal actions has decreased by 35 percent as compared to the previous year, the Taliban police claimed in a statement on Monday. Moreover, the group’s counter terrorism forces, it said, have identified and detained 25 members of the anti-Taliban NRF militia in the province.

96 others have been captured on charges of drug trafficking and three drug labs were destroyed over the past year in the province, the statement added.

On Sunday, the Taliban’s police in Balkh said the group’s security forces had arrested a total of 1143 people, including 133 women, on different charges in the province over the past one year.