Taliban claims killing ISKP member in Parwan

Taliban claims killing ISKP member and arresting his family members in Parwan

The Taliban police in Parwan province claimed that the group’s forces have killed a member of the Islamic State – Khurasan Province (ISKP) and arrested three women and seven children who are all members of his family.

Mohammad Kamran Zaid, spokesman for the Taliban police in the province, said that the raid was conducted on Friday in Charikar city, capital of Parwan, adding that the ISKP member had recently moved from the western Herat province along with his family members to the province adjacent to north of the capital Kabul.

He did not provide more details regarding the identity of the dead ISKP fighter and his family members.

Since returning to power in August 2021, the Taliban has claimed raiding many ISKP hideouts, killing and arresting its members in different provinces of Afghanistan.

In some cases, locals, however, accused the Taliban of killing civilians and former security forces in the name of ISKP members.

A year ago, the Taliban reported raiding and dismantling an ISKP hideout in the same city. Later, locals claimed that the Taliban had raided a residential house of a former security force in the area.