Five-year-old child found dead and burned in Kapisa province

A five-year-old child was found dead and burned on Friday after noon in a suburb village of Mahmood Raqi, capital of the north-eastern Kapisa province, two days after he was abducted by “unknown armed men” in the provincial capital, local Taliban authorities confirmed.

The victim was identified as Bilal.

Abdul Fattah Fayeez, spokesman for Taliban police in Kapisa, told KabulNow that the kidnappers have burned the child’s body after murdering him.

No information was immediately available regarding the reasons behind the child’s abduction and murder. The Taliban police in Kapisa, meanwhile, said they have already started an investigation into the case.

Family members of the victim said they did not have personal enmity or dispute with anyone, adding that they did not know why their five-year-old child was brutally murdered.

Afghanistan, particularly its northern provinces, have seen a rise in targeted killings and deadly criminal cases in recent months, contrary to the Taliban’s claim of ensuring security across the country.

Last Tuesday, unarmed men gunned down a 29-year-old man in the same provincial centre. The man died of his injuries on the way to hospital and the perpetrators had managed to flee the area.

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