AIHRC: Women’s rights should a red line in engagements with the Taliban

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) in a statement on Saturday said that the Taliban uses the human rights of Afghanistan citizens, especially women’s rights as a tool to pressure the International community in order to gain legitimacy and attract humanitarian support.

The Human Rights Commission called on international communities to never compromise on human rights and exert more pressure on the Taliban and set up better programs to support the people of Afghanistan.

“The AIHRC stresses that the political demands and strategic goals of powerful countries worldwide and the region should not marginalize human rights in Afghanistan, especially women’s rights.” AIHRC statement reads.

AIHRC urged the UN members to observe the provisions of the organization’s charters, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, international human rights, and humanitarian conventions in their dealing with the Taliban.

“The AIHRC requests the international community and especially the neighboring governments of Afghanistan to refrain from continuing political and economic cooperation with the Taliban regime, which is contrary to democratic values, human rights standards, and international human rights and against the accepted standards of international law and relations,” AIHRC added.

AIHRC further urged the UN Security Council to establish and implement clear and effective monitoring, evaluation, and reporting mechanism in order to comply with the legal and value standards of Afghanistan.