Photo: Reuters/Stringer

Afghanistan Women’s Coalition: Recognising Taliban is a death sentence for the women

Afghanistan’s Women Protester Movement Coalition has warned against recognising the Taliban, calling it a “death sentence for women” and damaging the credibility of the United Nations.

The women coalition’s response comes after Amina Mohammed, the UN Deputy Secretary-General, announced plans to hold a meeting in the countries of the region in the coming days to discuss the recognition of the Taliban. She emphasized the need for interaction with the group to hold them accountable for their actions.

Amina Mohammed’s statement sparked widespread reactions among political and civil activists, women’s rights defenders, and journalists.

Afghanistan’s Women Protester Movement Coalition in a statement released on Wednesday has expressed concern about the stance of the UN Deputy Chief and asked her to clarify her remarks.

“We members of Afghanistan’s Women Protester Movements Coalition are extremely concerned about the stance of Amina J. Mohammed and ask her for clarity about her remarks. We warn the UN about the consequences of considering recognition of a group that has taken over the country by force.” Women coalition stated in a statement.

They argue that recognizing a group responsible for widespread violations of human rights would not only sentence Afghan women to death but also worsen the instability and crisis in the country.

“Taliban have once again turned Afghanistan into a safe haven for terrorists and criminals. Recognition of the Taliban is not only a death sentence for the women of Afghanistan that will only lead to further crisis.” Their statement reads.

According to the coalition, the potential move would irreversibly jeopardize the credibility of the United Nations, as the biggest institution responsible for protecting and promoting human rights.

The coalition asked the UN to firmly pressure the Taliban to accept the demands and the values of the people of Afghanistan.