Women in Kabul criticise the lack of international support against the Taliban

A coalition of six Afghan women’s protest movements held a press conference in Kabul on Wednesday to speak out against the international community’s lack of support. The movements said that while they have formed an alliance to stand stronger against the Taliban’s oppression of women, the international community has only issued statements without taking concrete actions.

The protesting women emphasized that their activities are spontaneous and not tied to political groups. Their joint statement expressed concern over the various parties trying to benefit from the situation.

“We believe that in addition to striving towards achieving the goals and aspirations of people in Afghanistan and addressing the demands of women and girls, given that our opposing party is the Taliban group, we must exercise caution in relation to other groups and individuals who are also against them,” stated in statement.

The women’s movements have faced challenges in the past, including politicians using their names for personal gain. This has prompted the coalition’s formation to ensure the protesters’ credibility and prevent distrust among the people.

In addition to their grievances against the Taliban’s policies, the protesting women said that civil society institutions active in Afghanistan over the last twenty years have not offered enough support to their cause. The coalition further highlighted that the international community has been similarly lacking in its meaningful support and solidarity towards these movements.

“The international community, in the past year and a half, has only issued declarations in response to the situation of women under the rule of the Taliban, and did not stand by Afghanistan women in support of human and democratic values,” The Women’s Coalition stated in their declaration.

Numerous women’s movements were formed as the Taliban started countless restrictions against women after they took control of Afghanistan. Women in Afghanistan have conducted numerous protests against the group’s policies towards women in the last year and a half, many of which were met with violent suppression from the Taliban.

The coalition called on the international community to provide concrete support to the women’s protest movements, including financial assistance, training, and protection. They also urged the international community to pressure the Taliban to end its oppression of women.

The coalition’s demands come at a time when the international community is facing increasing pressure to do more to help Afghanistan. The country is in the midst of a severe economic crisis, and the Taliban’s policies have exacerbated the situation for women and girls.

The coalition’s press conference is a sign of the growing strength of the women’s protest movement in Afghanistan. The women are determined to continue fighting for their rights, even in the face of the Taliban’s oppression.