Photo: EPA via Guardian

UK aid budget cuts has put educational projects at risk of closure

According to the Guardian, the British government has cut its aid budget to Afghanistan women and girls from £7 million to £1 million. The decision could result in the closure of Save the Children educational projects for women and girls in Afghanistan.

“Save the Children said it has been told by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office that it will receive just over £1m of a promised £7m to support more than 100,000 people to access essential basic services such as healthcare and education,” Guardian quoted Gwen Hines, the CEO of Save the Children UK.

The year-long program, which delivers classes to women and girls across Afghanistan, provides a lifeline for many who face the risk of early marriage, violence and other forms of exploitation. However, with the reduced funding, Save the Children said it may now be forced to close the project this month.

“Afghan children are already dying from hunger and disease, and now face having funding for basic food, health and education programs withdrawn by the British government,” Gwen Hines said. 

The CEO of the charity organization added that the decision to cut millions in funding to Afghanistan children would send a stark message to the world that the UK turns its back on the most vulnerable children and families in one of the world’s most challenging contexts. “The UK’s rhetoric that it supports women and girls in Afghanistan now rings hollow.”

In response to the Taliban’s ban on women working in non-governmental organizations, the charity was among a number of organizations that suspended operations as a result, but the organization resumed its activities after receiving assurance from Taliban officials that female staff will be safe and can work without obstruction.