Teenage boy found brutally killed and raped in Zabul

Teenage boy found brutally killed and raped in Zabul province

The Taliban police in the southern Zabul province has confirmed that a 13 years-old boy has been found “brutally killed” after he was raped in Nawbahar district of the province on Monday’s evening. The perpetrator has admitted his crime and is currently in Taliban custody.

According to the Taliban police, the perpetrator is a man from Nawa district of the neighboring Ghazni province who has already admitted his crime in initial investigation.

The man, the Taliban police alleged, has torched the body of the teenage boy after raping and killing him.

Local sources also confirmed the incident to KabulNow.

Residents of Zabul province, meanwhile, called on the Taliban local authorities to ensure security in the province so the people could safely do their routine work.

Afghanistan is facing an unprecedented rise in crimes rate, including rape and murder, ever since the Taliban returned to power in August 2021.